Friday, February 19, 2010

Germ Theory

"Our God is a loving God.  He loves his people so much that he gave us rules to live by, rules that help us be moral.  He loves us so much that he sacrificed his only Son, who gave us the concept of the Golden Rule.  How better could God show his love for us?"

Hmm...  Let me see...  In what better way could an all knowing, all powerful, loving entity care for humanity?  How about germ theory?

It is absurd to think that the ancient Hebrews knew nothing of morality or societal rules that would allow a large group of people to live together and cooperate.  What do Christians think, that before the Ten Commandments humans were monstrous beasts?  According to Biblical mythology, Moses and the Hebrews came out of Egypt where there was already an ancient and accomplished civilization.  Egyptians would have been ignorant of God's special rules, yet they managed to cooperate enough to create a civilization that lasted for thousands of years and architecture that has survived to this day.

Instead of wasting time carving out some rules that people already knew or didn't need, why not sit Moses down and explain a few simple aspects of germ theory?  Surely there ought to be a way to get some basic and life saving concepts across to Moses and his people.  It still could have even been carved into stone to form The Ten Useful Lessons.
  1. Most sickness comes from tiny living things too small to see called germs.
  2. Germs can be killed or avoided before they can harm you.
  3. Never allow your waste into your drinking and bathing water.
  4. Boiling water will kill the germs in it.
  5. Soap will kill many germs.
  6. Soap can be made from animal fat and ashes.
  7. Clean your body daily when possible.
  8. Wash your hands before handling food or tending wounds.
  9. Clean wounds and cover them with clean cloth.
  10. Different germs cause different sicknesses, learn the differences.

Think of the countless lives that could have been saved if early Bronze Age people had been taught those concepts instead of rules about how to keep God happy.  Think of the higher quality of life societies would have had, the longer life spans, the better infant mortality rate, fewer epidemics and plagues.  

Think how far along medical science would be if a god had jump started germ theory thousands of years ago.  We would all be reaping those benefits today.  And with the last Lesson being a commandment to learn, those people might have developed hospitals, schools, and universities before the founding of Rome!  Then God's only Son could come along later to explain antibiotics, if the chosen people hadn't already figured that out.  


Everyday Freethought said...

Great post. There is a guy from Australia called NonStamp Collector who has some good atheist vids. He has expressed the same thought in a few of his videos. (Imagine if Jesus prohibited slavery instead of walk on water in front of 12 people, etc, etc.) Have you watched any of them?

Billtannica said...

Thanks! I have indeed seen Nonstampcollector's videos and been inspired by them. He has made some of my favorite videos on YouTube.