Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sarah Palin as President

Sarah Palin has been getting a lot of press coverage lately. She gave a highly publicized speech at a national Tea Party gathering. She's done some interviews for the press and of course has a job with FOX News as a political commentator. Much of the buzz has been regarding the question of whether she'll run for President of the United States and if so will she run as a Republican or will she become the face of a new party.

I don't have much to say on whether she'll try, but I am deeply concerned about the popularity she has attained, which at least implies she has a decent chance at getting elected someday. This is an attitude that I've heard conservatives characterize as people being afraid of Sarah Palin.

Well, I for one am frightened of the idea of her as President of this country. She is not intellectually prepared for the job as the most powerful person on the planet, nor does she seem to possess (or even value at all) the critical thinking skills needed to become prepared or undertake the responsibilities of the office.

But that pales in comparison to what really scares me about her -- which is that her popularity seems to be based exactly upon her utter lack of suitability for the office. People seem to love that she is "one of them" or that she is a "working mom who faces the same daily issues that they do." These are perhaps influences for who to support in a school board election, but these things should NOT be qualifications for the President of the United States of America.

I don't want a President who is like me. I don't want a President that I can hang out with. I want a President who is better educated, smarter, better informed, and more capable than I could ever be. Having an idiot in the office doesn't elevate me, it demeans the Presidency and the whole country.


The Beautiful Kind said...

YES this statement rings true with the whole George W Bush travesty:

"Having an idiot in the office doesn't elevate me, it demeans the Presidency and the whole country."

Let's stick with smart people as leaders, m'kay?

Anonymous said...

An article in The Sunday Times (UK)on 14/2/10 showed that her actual popularity is waning and although admired by some Americans, they wouldn't actually vote for her in a Presidential election. It appears that it's only a minority that really see her as Presidential material. I doubt that American voters are unable to a lack of substance behind the rhetoric.


Black Ice said...

"Well, I for one am frightened of the idea of her as President of this country. She is not intellectually prepared for the job as the most powerful person on the planet, nor does she seem to possess (or even value at all) the critical thinking skills needed to become prepared or undertake the responsibilities of the office."

I've been researching her political record...and, amazingly enough, (AFAIK) she did what needed to be done for the benefit of the citizens of her state.

Imagine that! If she were to gain the Presidency, she might actually do what needs to be done for America, and tell lobbyists, American and foreign alike, to go piss up a rope. We can't have that sort of opposition to the status might lead to subversive shit like freedom.

Billtannica said...

Tell the lobbyists to piss off? Like President Obama has already done? They are currently banned from the White House and the Executive Branch.

She was the mayor of a small town. She served part of a single term as the governor of a largely unpopulated state. She apparently spent more time on her beauty queen contests than on her education, taking six years and jumping among 4 different universities to finally earn a bachelors in communications. She has no further education, no law degree, not even a masters of divinity.

She not only lacks education, she apparently didn't get much out of what she has. Sarah Palin is a creationist. Her understanding of and regard for science is so low that she is willing to believe a fairy tale out of the Middle Eastern desert instead of mountains of objective evidence.

She is on record as saying that she believes it is possible that the End Times will come in her lifetime. Such a person is delusional and might not try nearly hard enough to prevent global catastrophe as President, believing it is inevitable as being God's will and therefore good.

I don't care if she made Alaska into the land of milk and honey while she governed them. The idea of her as President scares the hell out of me.

Black Ice said...

OK, you have parroted the MSM talking points beautifully. Why you believe a damn thing that the talking heads say, I've no idea, but whatever.

Now, I have a challenge for you. Knowing you as I do--that you're an intelligent, open-minded guy--I think you're up for it.

Go buy or borrow a copy of 'Going Rogue.' Read it cover to cover. Let Sarah explain herself in her own words. Once you're done with that, do some research on what she says and what the MSM said, and figure out which is more accurate.

I dare you.

Black Ice said...

Oh more thing.

"Lobbyists are banned from the White House?" Yeah, sure they are. And this isn't lobbying at all.

Billtannica said...

The link you provided about lobbying seems to be about investing and why GE is a safe bet. There is nothing there about lobbyists being (or not being) banned from the White House.

I have read parts of Sarah Palin's book. I've also read quotes of hers, watched videos of her, and read articles about her. It is from all of these things and not just editorials that my opinion of her formed. That I happen to agree with Sam Harris or Rachel Maddow is a function of us coming to similar conclusions not parroting on my part.

As to accuracy, you know that her book has been fact checked and found to contain a lot of factual errors? Besides, surely you aren't suggesting that I simply believe a politician's claims as though they were automatically credible.

Black Ice said...

GE is a safe bet because the CEO of GE is now part of The God-King's cabinet. And now GE is getting some pretty sweet government contracts. What a coincidence that is.

And if you call Sarah a 'creationist,' it's pretty clear you haven't read much of her book. Her father is a SCIENCE TEACHER. She knows full well that the evolutionary process exists. She simply believes that god wouldn't have any problem creating the evolutionary process.

Looking at her record(unlike The God-King, she actually has one), she's shown herself to eschew party politics, serve the people who elected her, respect the Constitution and--to an enormous extent--keep her personal beliefs out of her policies. If she does that in the White House, I don't give a fuck if she thinks the universe was sneezed out of the nose of the Great Green Arklesiezure.

It's not about what she thinks or what she's about what she's done. And what she's done has gotten good results, which is more than can be said about most politicians today. Take a close look at our new Lenin and the gang of criminals, thugs and communists he's surrounded himself with. Can you honestly say Sarah Palin could have done worse??

Billtannica said...

To me the political value of Sarah Palin is completely separate from that of President Obama. If I criticize some aspect of her, that doesn't automatically mean I am praising him.

She has been a mayor of a small town and served part of a term as a governor. That isn't a vast record of service. She didn't do as she was told by the McCain campaign. Maybe that was brave, but it was also when her more extreme social conservative views leaked out. I think moderate Americans though McCain was OK but worried about Palin's brand of social values.

Her father was a science teacher but it obviously didn't take. She advocates "teaching the controversy" which is an Intelligent Design campaign to subvert science education in our schools with lies. That's right, lies. There is no controversy among credible scientists about the facts of evolution by natural selection.

Intelligent Design is creationism. Period. "It's only a theory" is ignorant drivel. Anyone who advocates or believes that crap has cast off reason in favor of unsupported nonsense and is participating in a political movement to force religion into school at the cost of an accurate science education.

I will not vote for nor allow a creationist to take a high office without without protest. That degree of religiosity has no place in government. And to be honest, I'm more than a little surprised that any Libertarian would tolerate Sarah Palin's social conservatism.

I've painted an unflattering picture of Sarah Palin here, but not by lying about her. It is how I interpret the information that has given me such a low opinion of her, an opinion that will not be altered by campaign promises of tax cuts or small government.