Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Science Is

Science does not rob the emotion from my perceptions.  I find knowledge to be uplifting.  With scientific literacy, I can see more and can be astounded by more.  I live in a much larger universe that contains more majesty than I could have imagined as a child.

I find that being within and a part of this vast universe fills me with a sense of awe.  Understanding bits of astronomy does not reduce my sense of amazement when I gaze at the stars.  Instead I'm filled with childlike wonder to know that a telescope is a visual time machine.

Understanding the evolutionary past of my species doesn't make me think less of my fellow people.  It makes me proud to be connected to them.  We are the product of countless generations of clever survivors who have from such humble beginnings managed to literally reach for the stars.

Knowing that learning something means discovering more questions, connecting us to an infinite web of facts, is exciting.  It is fascinating that the sum total of our understanding is both constantly growing and forever incomplete.  Our science shifts endlessly to incorporate the new, discard the unsupportable, and in that way empower us all with the truth.

I don't find science to be cold or dehumanizing.  Its facts aren't destroying my cherished mysteries.  Instead it is giving me more of them.  It opens my mind to new curiosities, to an infinity of wonders.  The more I have learned, the more breathless I am at the grandeur of this knowable universe.

Symphony of Science has a beautiful video that elegantly distills much of what I’ve just spent hours trying to compose and expands on my little commentary above with the thoughts of a few of the greatest minds of our age.

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