Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Discovery Channel Gunman

Although I consider myself to be a left-leaning moderate, I have been accused by some conservatives of being a leftist loon.  Fair enough with opinions being what they are, but I won't quietly accept a label by the fringe right as being safe to lump in with the fringe left.  Truthfully, I don't really care all that much about ideology and I certainly have no loyalty to one.  I care about evidence based reason and rational discourse.  So when a perspective is blatantly, offensively wrong, it must be spoken out against regardless of the political "side" it came from.

The fringe environmentalist movement is an example of something that I will not associate with and will speak out against.  Why?  In short because their ideology is neither based upon nor acted upon out of respect for rationality.  This sad fact attracts unbalanced people whose behavior is all too often sociopathic.

The Discovery Channel's Washington DC area headquarters were the setting of a hostage situation this week in which a very disturbed man used the threat of violence to change policy at the Discovery Channel and its network.

James J Lee entered the building with a firearm and explosives.  He took three employees hostage and demanded that the network change its programming to better fit his own beliefs. Beliefs that can be summed up as, "Humans are evil.  We must save the planet from ourselves.  I'll use violence as a means to my end."  You can read his list of demands here:  Washington Examiner article.

The man was mentally deranged.  His beliefs were extremist and his behavior was disgusting.  He needed to be in treatment for his unbalanced mind, not formulating or executing an attack on a TV network.

[Picture is from CBS News]

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