Thursday, December 30, 2010

End Times... Wanna Bet?

Forget about 2012 and the Mayan calendar.  The good folks at Family Radio Inc. have carefully studied the bible and announced that Jesus will return on May 21, 2011 heralding the end of the world on October 21st, 2011.

They aren't being shy about their prediction either.  They've begun putting up billboards announcing the good news and thoughtfully published a website that details the prediction.  It even has a handy count-down timer in the upper right corner.

This is just one of a nearly countless number of religious predictions about the end of the world that have been made over the years.  This one, like the rest of them, will turn out to be bunk.  But I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak.  Are you?

If you really believe that Jesus is returning on May 21st of 2011 and that the end of the world will come on October 21st of 2011 as detailed by the Christians of the We Can Know group I will pay you $100 on April 1st of 2011 on the condition that on October 22nd of 2011 you have to pay me $2,000.

I am an atheist.  I reject the holy spirit, in that I don't believe in such a thing.  I cannot be saved or raptured.  Barring a perfectly natural accident of some kind between now and then, I will still be here on this Earth on October 22nd of 2011.  I also expect to have just as much use for money on that day as any other.  Since you think that you'll be taken to Heaven on May 21st and that the world we be destroyed on October 21st, you have nothing to lose by agreeing to pay me $2,000 the day after the world is supposed to be destroyed.

If any Christians are actually willing to take me up on this offer, we'll hammer out some legal details and draw up a binding contract.  Such a contract might include the use of an escrow account or have provisions to prevent you from liquidating your assets before the May 21st Rapture Day or the October 21st End of the World Day, so banish the idea of trying to cheat me.  I will pay you, but you must agree to pay me in the spirit of our agreement.  

I'm not made of money, so I'm only willing to make this deal with a total of five believers.  Why only five?  Because in my experience people who are religious enough to believe that their god is going to destroy the world soon are not trustworthy and I'm unwilling to risk more than $500.  Why only demand $2,000 from believers and not everything they own?  Because I expect they will have to live in this world on the 22nd just as I will and I'm not trying to ruin lives.

[Edit #1.  I've changed the dates to more accurately reflect the predictions made by the We Can Know people.  May 21st is the predicted Rapture Day, but the predicted end of the world isn't until October 21st.]

[Edit #2.  Well April 1st came and went. No one contacted me to accept my wager or even inquire about it. In a way I am relieved, because I actually would have felt badly to take the money of people so delusional.]

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