Sunday, March 20, 2011

Women are not livestock

A bill aimed at restricting abortion clinics in Illinois has recently been unanimously passed through committee in the Illinois General Assembly.  The bill was sponsored by Republican Representative Darlene Senger of Naperville and will require clinics that provide abortions to be regulated as surgical outpatient clinics.  

Many if not most such clinics would need to undergo extensive remodeling and purchase a lot of expensive additional equipment.  This is very obviously intended to cause the closing of clinics that cannot afford to meet these new regulations and to make abortions much more expensive in those clinics that remain open.  This would also serve to disproportionately effect clinics in poorer areas, that are already underserved in Illinois.

However, the part of this I find most disgraceful is that this human health, medical regulatory bill was not submitted to a legislative committee that commonly deals with such matters but was instead submitted to the Agriculture and Conservation Committee.  This bill was submitted and passed unanimously by a committee that works on legislation for livestock, hunting, and soil conservation -- not human medical health laws.

This bill had no Earthly business being considered in the Agriculture and Conservation Committee when there are more appropriate health specialized committees available.  I am ashamed of my state's Assembly for this stunt.  I am ashamed of that committee which I am connected to by virtue of being an Illinois farmer for passing that bill unanimously instead of refusing to consider it as inappropriate for their committee.  

What the hell is wrong with these people?  What the hell was Representative Senger thinking when she purposefully submitted this bill to the Agriculture and Conservation Committee instead of the Human Services or Health Care Licenses committee?  Can't any of them see how dehumanizing, disrespectful, inappropriate this is?  Women are not livestock.  

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