Monday, April 11, 2011

What if I'm wrong

By way of a thought experiment, what if I am wrong and the Christian god exists? What if I discover this in time to save myself from eternal damnation by worshipping this god?

If the Christian god exists and is more or less in alignment with Christian doctrines of salvation and damnation -- then this is a supremely malevolent being. Evil is too small and insignificant a term to fully grasp at the capricious sadism of a being that would use limitless power to make possible all the suffering in this world and not satisfied with that would go on to create unimaginable, eternal suffering as an afterlife for any who did not love him for it.

To conflate love with fear to such a degree that worshiping your tormentor becomes proper is submission to a form of slavery I can barely wrap my mind around and will never join so long as I possess a shred of decency or self respect.

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