Monday, December 30, 2013


I recently saw Disney’s new animated film, Frozen, and I really liked it. It is one of the better animated movies I’ve seen and that’s saying something because there have been some good ones made in the last few years. I’m looking at you, Tangled and How to Train Your Dragon. But to me what makes Frozen noteworthy is its combination of good storytelling, voice talent, music, and animation with a great (and frankly unexpected) message.

The message I saw in Frozen is that girls don't need a man to solve their problems for them or to provide a happy ending. Males were important parts of the story -- sources of fun, excitement, danger, romance, heroism, complications, and humor. Some were villains. Some were helpful friends. But ultimately the heroines resolved the story, saved the town, and reforged their relationship via their own wit, courage, and love.

I like that positive message, especially in a genre known for males who swoop in and save the helpless girl. Instead, this story was empowering for girls and did so without casting males as a whole in a nasty light. The movie even poked fun at its own genre's themes and subverted absurd depictions of romance. Well done, Disney.

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