Monday, December 9, 2013

I Hate Onswipe

I cannot express adequately how much I hate Onswipe.

I do almost all of my web browsing and internet stuff via my iPad. It is a fine device for such usage without any need for a tablet version of most websites, much less for a tablet version that makes the user experience extra choppy, slow to load, and out of phase with inputs, e.g. Onswipe.

In recent months more and more websites have begun using the Onswipe interface as the default if navigating there via an iDevice. There seems to be no way to kill Onswipe within the system software on my end so that all websites load up as their normal versions and never as Onswipe. So I'm left with three bad choices: deal with Onswipe; boycott the ever growing number of websites that use it; or wait for each instance of an Onswipe page to eventually load, hope that the option to use a desktop version is presented, and then wait for the desktop version (which is all I want anyway) to load before using the website.

If you create or distribute content on the web using Onswipe as the default for iDevices, I hate you, at least a little bit.


Mike said...

Bill, try downloading Google Chrome for iOS. It generally lets you choose the desktop version of a site via a menu option, and it generally stays checked for an entire session (so you only have to do it once as long as you keep a Chrome window open.

It's not the ideal solution, but certainly better than putting up with that Onswipe garbage.

Billtannica said...

Thanks, Mike. I'll try it, but that sounds like the Safari app. It doesn't remember permanently and across all websites.

Billtannica said...

I've downloaded Chrome and compared it to Safari with regards to Onswipe. They are the same. Onswipe can be disabled in favor of the desktop version of a site and that preference will be remembered across other websites that use Onswipe for a while, but not permanently.

Mike said...

Bummer....sorry bout that Bill. It was worth a shot. :)