Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July Patriotism

My birthday is the 2nd of July, so the 4th celebrations have always been wrapped up in complex but generally happy memories. I love, love, love fireworks, birthday parties, cookouts, and Midwestern pork chop sandwiches which are to me a seasonal tradition. All of that said, as the years have gone by I find myself increasingly uncomfortable with the jingoistic rhetoric and glorification of militarism that plays such a huge role in most 4th celebrations.

Sure, I like my country. I certainly care an awful lot about it and its future. But I don't know if emphasizing that people died for it, for me, in war is a great way to celebrate. I don't think it is accurate or right to insist that every American military death in every conflict has been in the service of my freedom. I don't like the implication that those who kill for our country love it more than those who feed it, or educate it, or foster its enlightenment. It's as though we've reduced patriotism to chest thumping with a side of guilt. I don't care for any of that, but I still love the fireworks.

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